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An evaluation of the Knowledge Hub in September 2021 found that it had attracted more than 40,000 page views. More than 53 requests for accounts had been received for the SEPTRE (SPIRIT Electronic Protocol Tool and Resource), 60% of them from low- and middle-income countries. As most users were from anglophone countries, parts of the site have been translated into Spanish, French and Portuguese with the aim to offer a translation of all pages to enable researchers from across the world to benefit from the resources.

The Knowledge Hub was promoted at several scientific meetings in 2021 (including the 12th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health (ECTMIH 2021) and the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) 2021 Annual Meeting). In addition, EDCTP and TGHN held a well-attended virtual interactive workshop at the Tenth EDCTP Forum in Mozambique. A paper summarising the resource has been published as an open access commentary.

Notably, in 2021 the EDCTP Knowledge Hub was referenced in a draft WHO policy and guidance document on facilitating greater sharing of health-related research datasets generated by WHO-funded or -sponsored research projects. This highlights the recognition by external global stakeholders of the potential for the EDCTP Knowledge Hub to have global impact.

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A second introductory webinar on tools and guidance for protocol development was organised by EDCTP and TGHN in 2021, and was attended live by more than 350 participants from around the globe. The initiative was warmly welcomed, with the protocol development toolkit highlighted as an excellent resource bringing practical guidance and templates together in one place.

Developed by EDCTP and The Global Health Network (TGHN), the EDCTP Knowledge Hub provides an integrated set of resources and associated activities to support and guide those planning and carrying out clinical research studies. Comprising a Protocol Development Toolkit, Data Management Portal and Data Sharing Toolkit, the Knowledge Hub takes a researcher through the steps from framing a research question through the appropriate conduct of clinical studies and sharing of data.

The EDCTP Knowledge Hub has established itself as a key resource for those working in global health research.

Sharing knowledge in global health research