Funding for clinical research |drugs, vaccines, microbicides, diagnostics | HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, other infectious diseases |sub-Saharan Africa

EDCTP portfolio:
EDCTP/AREF Preparatory Fellowships


7 grants
€0.43 M

to enhance the competitiveness of up-and-coming post-doctoral sub-Saharan African scientists and clinicians aspiring to receive international/ regional/national fellowships or grant support.

EDCTP portfolio:
EDCTP/AREF Preparatory Fellowships


21 grants
€48.36 M

Note: A further €0.81M for 4 grants was awarded to projects on nonintervention-specific.

Abubakar Shaaban Hoza

Hamdan Abualbasher

Better detection of sleeping sickness

Accelerating research in emergency situations

Boosting preparedness for infectious disease outbreaks

Making yellow fever vaccine go further

Developing the next generation of scientific leaders

Linking scientists across African regions

A four-strike vaccine against malaria