Funding for clinical research |drugs, vaccines, microbicides, diagnostics | HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, other infectious diseases |sub-Saharan Africa

Support for the development of clinical research capacity in sub-Saharan Africa is a second core objective of the EDCTP programme. Since 2003, EDCTP has invested in support for individual African researchers at different stages of their careers. A set of graduate and post-doctoral fellowship opportunities was developed, from early career preparatory fellowships to senior fellowships which support research team building and mentorship. 

Moreover, EDCTP supports four regional Networks of Excellence and activities that strengthen the necessary ethical, regulatory and legal frameworks for clinical research. Clinical research capacity building also involves improving systems and work processes, including upgrades of laboratory and clinical facilities.

Strengthening regulatory systems and ethical research review

Supporting preparedness for infectious diseases outbreak in Africa

Promoting a new generation of African scientists

Capacity development